Month: February 2015

Top 9 Reasons Amsterdam Is My Favourite City

I am always interested in talking to people about their favourite places they’ve been to, since I think it can actually be quite revealing about what they’re like as a person. For me, a big part of my love for Amsterdam is a personality thing, and it’s always difficult to describe my love for the city when people start questioning me (sometimes with a bit of disdain on their part). Amsterdam was a place I had been told I wouldn’t I wouldn’t even enjoy, and I arrived there worrying that I wouldn’t fit in with the Amsterdam scene. Instead, I found a vibrantly alive city that manages to be grossly misunderstood. While we all have different tastes and different favourite places (or maybe no favourites at all), here are my top nine favourite things about Amsterdam, looking beyond the infamous Red Light District.

Book Recommendation Of The Week: The Universe Versus Alex Woods

What It’s About: Smart and original, The Universe Versus Alex Woods is a story about free will, friendship and a little bit of Kurt Vonnegut. When seventeen-year-old Alex Woods is stopped at customs while returning to England, he is alone in the car aside from an urn and 113 grams of marijuana. The whole world now knows Alex’s story, and he is quickly detained after he has a minor epileptic seizure. In his story of all the events of his life leading up to that day, Alex begins when he first made world news by being the second person to survive being hit by a meteor, when he was only ten. The meteor left visible marks on Alex, but also altered his brain by leaving him with epilepsy. In his small English village in Somerset, Alex has all the makings of someone who will never fit in. He’s nerdy, his mother is eccentric, he stands out and isn’t like anyone else. When an unpleasant encounter with the village bullies leads him into elderly Mr Peterson’s life, Alex …

A Lot Of Things At Once

If anyone were looking for a creatively cruel way to punish me, they would have to look no further than making me view my xanga from ninth grade. Xanga was a blogging platform that my friends and I used to post Fall Out Boy lyrics and, in my case, poor quality pictures that were meant to be artistic. There were also long winded posts about classes, our families and our thoughts on the fourth Harry Potter movie (we loved everyone’s long hair and Cedric Diggory.) I am sure this blog was even worst than it is in my memory, but I still have to respect 2005 Me for the way I shared myself with the Internet so readily and without hesitation. Something 2015 Me lacks.