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A Lot Of Things At Once

If anyone were looking for a creatively cruel way to punish me, they would have to look no further than making me view my xanga from ninth grade. Xanga was a blogging platform that my friends and I used to post Fall Out Boy lyrics and, in my case, poor quality pictures that were meant to be artistic. There were also long winded posts about classes, our families and our thoughts on the fourth Harry Potter movie (we loved everyone’s long hair and Cedric Diggory.) I am sure this blog was even worst than it is in my memory, but I still have to respect 2005 Me for the way I shared myself with the Internet so readily and without hesitation. Something 2015 Me lacks.

I had the idea of starting a personal blog, outside of tumblr, last year when I spent twenty four hours on a houseboat in Alleppey India with a Swedish girl I had just met the day before. This blog was set up in April when I came home, but aside for one long post about my trip I haven’t posted anything since. I wanted a blog without limits, where I could post anything and everything I’m interested in, and that’s intimidating.

So this blog will be a little of everything, and will probably develop as I go. While a lot of blogs have one concentration, there is something freeing about having no limits in what I write, even if it is simultaneously overwhelming.

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I'm a daydreamer and a lover of fairy tales, cats, books and travel.

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