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Book Recommendation Of The Week: Wonder


What It’s About: Ten-year-old August Pullman is about to start his first year of middle school after being home schooled all of his life. Going to regular school would have been difficult for August until now, since he’s had to under go so many surgeries. But the fact that Auggie has a severe facial deformity makes going to school terrifying, since his face scares children, disgusts his peers and makes adults uncomfortable. The thing is, Auggie really is an ordinary kid. He likes Star Wars, his best subject is science, he plays video games and he is smart and funny. But with a face that no one can help taking notice of, it’s difficult to make friends when people don’t want to even look at you. When Auggie first heard about his parents wanting to enroll him at a private school, he imagined himself being bullied and constantly stared at. While a lot of the things he dreaded do occur, throughout his first year of middle school Auggie finds bravery in himself and learns about true friendship.

Who Will Love It: Kids, teens, adults: anyone who loves a good story. Kids who don’t like to read and adults who swear they don’t like children’s books might fall in love with Wonder as well.

What I Loved: The main character Auggie, the realistic supporting cast, the changing perspectives in narration, the writing and  the message of kindness and friendship.

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