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Live Like You’re In Portland


In the state of Oregon, there is a city where people still care about things, what went out of business in the 2000’s everywhere else live on, and dreams really do come true (whether you want to open a doll asylum or start a doughnut shop.)  Portland is everything you’ve heard about and more. Well there’s no doubt that the city is a must see for the odd, eccentric and the hipster set, here’s how you can bring a bit of Portland life to wherever you live.

Go Vegan Or maybe just try some vegan food every once and a while. Is everyone is Portland vegan? Definitely not, but as someone who once knew only a handful of vegans, there a lot of them in Portland. Healthy eating all around is big here, and trying new things that are good for you is always a good idea.


At the Portland Saturday Market

Shop Local Whether it’s shopping for books, CD’s (if you still buy them) or food, shopping local is good for the local economy, plus you can find some really cool stuff.



Live Like It’s Not 2015 Okay, obviously the present has caught up with Portland, but at the same time things that long ago went out of business everywhere else (record stores, arcades, massive independent bookshops) still exist in Portland.

Get Crafty I was told that the rainy weather and being forced indoors is what make Portlandians so crafty, but whatever the reason, DIY is big there. Whatever you want to make (and the weirder the better) get creative and maybe save on buying something that you can make yourself.


Live Thoughtfully I overheard someone advising a friend not to let anyone know that they had bought their dog from a breeder and not from a shelter because there hate that. Yes, it can seem stifling and judgemental, but there is something to be said for thinking about how the choices you make in life effect others. I found people care about things a lot there.

Wear Your Granddad’s Clothes Coming from the well dressed city of San Francisco, the style in Portland was more casual, and used clothing stores reigned supreme. So hit up the thrift shops and find a reasonably priced (and reasonably eccentric) new wardrobe.

Speak Up When You’re Offended Maybe it’s because I come from passive aggressive polite Canadian stock, but the way that people in Portland would speak up when someone said something that made them uncomfortable stood out for me. It was like seeing tumblr in real life (in a good way.) One of they ladies I met making burritos let her friends know when they said something that offended her (something that most people I know would have let pass.) Did it make the conversation awkward? Yes, but I respected her for doing so. At the Poetry Slam I went to, one of the boys read a poem that made the primarily female audience very uncomfortable at the least, causing a few people to even leave. While at home that may have passed without much happening, the boy was called out for it by several people and even the lady in charge.




Keep It Weird Portland is a city proud of how strange it is. Emrbace your inner oddness and let the weirdest you shine through. Portland is a city that prides itself on its oddity, so there’s no need to hold back here. 


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