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Book Recommendation of the Week: Prisoner of Night and Fog

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What It’s About: Seventeen year old Gretchen Müller lives in 1930’s Munich, when the Great Depression and the rise of the National Socialist Party has brought conflict to the city. Gretchen’s father died years ago protecting Adolf Hitler, who is her honorary uncle. Gretchen is his pet and a good National Socialist girl. But when Gretchen meets Daniel Cohen, a young Jewish reporter, she begins to fear that everything she thought she knew was wrong: not just about the death of her father, but also about everything Hitler has taught her about the world. Together, Daniel and Gretchen make an unlikely, and forbidden, pair while they research what really happened to Gretchen’s father.

Who Will Love It: Fans of Code Name Verity and Between Shades of Gray and lovers of historical fiction.

What I Loved: It looked at a time period I’m familiar with but from a different point of view. It was well written and suspenseful, while also being incredibly well researched.

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