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Donating My Hair

Most of my hair is presently sitting in a plastic bag, waiting for me to mail it to Mississauga to be donated. Sometime in the summer I decided to donate my hair, and eventually decided on Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates free wigs for women who have under gone chemotherapy treatment. I’ve been growing it since October 2013, although it could have been longer if I wasn’t really bad at growing out my hair. I ended up cutting off 9.5 inches to donate (for Pantene you need at least 8 inches, while other places need 10.)

The Before…..


And the after!



Last night I was nervous, but simply washing and brushing my hair this morning served as a reminder of how much I wanted it cut short. Before cutting my hair, I used a leave in conditioner, seldom straightened my hair and never blew dry it. I also had no traces of hair dye.

While I’ll be surprised if I don’t start to feel self conscious about having short hair, it does feel so good to have it short, and I’m happy with the organization I chose to donate it too (fingers crossed that they’ll be able to use it.) There is lots of information about donating you hair on the Pantene site, if you’re interested and also live in Canada.

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