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Book Recommendation of the Week: Eleanor & Park


What It’s About: When Park first meets Eleanor, he thinks she’s just asking for trouble by standing out so much. Eleanor has curly hair that is as red as hair can possibly be, and wears weird men’s clothes. When Eleanor first meets Park, she thinks he’s a weird Asian kid who was stupid enough to go against the rules of the bus by sharing his seat with her. At first, neither will speak to the other. But when they begin to read comics together on the bus, it becomes difficult to stop talking. He gives her The Smiths and she gives him The Beatles. First love is always difficult, but Eleanor’s stepfather is abusive and kicked her out of their home for a year just because she annoyed him. It’s 1986 and amidst mixed tapes and long bus rides, Eleanor and Park each find in the other someone they didn’t believe existed. Eleanor and Park don’t just love each other, they need each other.

Who Will Love It: A lot of people fell for this book about two teenagers in love. Fans of The Fault In Our Stars and Anna and the French Kiss will enjoy Eleanor & Park, as well as anyone looking for a realistic romance that isn’t afraid to touch on some dark issues.

What I Loved: The duel perspectives, the honesty in which the story is told. Well written and poignant, Eleanor & Park is able to remind you what first love is like, whether yours happened in 1986 or just yesterday.

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