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City in Pictures: Rishikesh, India

While not exactly a city, Rishikesh sits on the foothills of the Himalayan mountains upon the Ganges River. Most famous for being the World Capital of Yoga and for the Beatles’ long ago visit to the now abandoned Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram, my visit to Rishikesh holds its place as my favourite travel experience. While traveling in Varkala later on, the culture seemed to be smothered by all the tourists, while in Rishikesh they are just witnesses to it. Relaxing and awash in spiritualism, Rishikesh was a welcome break from the chaos of New Delhi.

IMG_2918 4

Puja, a religious ceremony held at sunset along the Ganges nightly.

IMG_2928 4

Flower offering at Puja.

IMG_2956 2

Parmarth Niketan ashram

IMG_2970 4

IMG_0384 6

Me swimming in the Ganges River

IMG_3042 3

Graffiti in the abandoned Beatles Ashram.

IMG_3032 3

IMG_3018 2

IMG_3060 5

Boys flying a kite on a rooftop.



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