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Book Recommendation of the Week: Code Name Verity & Rose Under Fire


What It’s About: Code Name Verity follows the confessional writings of a young, female captured spy during World War II. Slowly, she weaves together the story of how she got to be in France and everything she knows about the British war effort. Her story starts with her best friend Maddie, a talented female pilot that flew them both into France. Rose Under Fire follows Rose Justice, an American pilot serving under the British. Rose is captured while flying from Paris to England and is sent to a female concentration camp called Ravensbrück. Forced to live with little hope and horrific circumstances, Rose relies on her friendships and her poetry to help her get by.

Who Will Love It: People who love historical fiction, fans of books like Between Shades of Gray and anyone who enjoys books about female friendship. 

What I Loved: Both books are thoroughly researched, well written and extremely poignant. Code Name Verity is one of my favourite books with two of my favourite characters. The ending is heart wrenching and impossible to forget. Rose Under Fire features poetry and lyrics that add a lot to the novel, as well as strong female characters and relationships. It shares many of Code Name Verity’s strong suits, and the women that Rose meets at the concentration camp are all unforgettable

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