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City in Pictures: Bruges, Belgium

When I arrived in Bruges in October 2013, I was half asleep and not quite sure what language they even spoke there (I had heard French at my 5am stopover in Brussels.) This was on my second Euro Trip: my first had been inspired by my long term ‘dream destinations’ list: London and Paris. This next trip, a year later, was more based on things I had learnt since. I had actually never heard of Bruges until I talked to other travellers. But everyone loved the beautiful Bruges.

The picturesque Medieval city runs on canals and has all the things people love about Belgium (beer, mussels, fries and chocolate). I eventually found out that the language the majority of people speak there is Flemish.

IMG_2666 2

The postcard perfect Bruges

IMG_2633 3

Musicians playing near a church

IMG_2676 3

IMG_2623 3

View from the Belfry

IMG_2710 2

IMG_2678 2


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