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Top 10 Pivotal Albums In My Life

Not necessarily my favourite albums (although many are), here are ten albums that have played a big role in my life so far. Blue by Joni Mitchell (1971) While the first Joni Mitchell album I listened to obsessively was Hits, Blue just feels like every emotion I’ve ever felt contained in ten songs. The quote from Love Actually about Joni Mitchell teaching Emma Thompson’s character how to feel comes to mind. It’s hard to choose, but my favourite song from the album is “All I Want.” Begin to Hope by Regina Spektor (2006) In tenth grade I was driving to school with my mom and heard “Samson” on the CBC, and it made me wonder why on earth I was listening to whatever I had been listening to before I heard that song. While some albums exemplify my teenage years (From Under the Cork Tree), Begin To Hope was a big change in what I listened to and started a shift, inching me toward the sort of things I like now as a adult. It’s REALLY difficult to choose, but my favourite …

Back To School!

After a long period outside of the classroom, I’m back at school, taking a course in Publishing for the summer. I also moved in with my aunt and uncle to shorten my commute, so things have been busy on my end. While everyone else is finished with exams and starting their summer job search, I’m going to be busy with my course, since it’s covering  a lot in a short period of time. Like a lot of people, I love learning but dislike some of the more stress inducing parts of school, so the whole thing is exciting, and ever so slightly nerve wracking. Feel free to respond with your school must haves in the comments!

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

For the last few days I’ve been slowly watching The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, which is a Japanese documentary following the making of Studio Ghibli’s The Wind Rises. Now that I’m finished, I just wanted to do a little blog post about it, since I haven’t heard that much talk about the film (though it is on netflix!) Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favourite storytellers who has made some of my favourite movies. The documentary itself is best viewed after watching The Wind Rises, which is presumably Miyazaki’s last film. The Wind Rises is the fictionalized story of Jiro Horikoshi, designer of Japanese fighter aircraft. The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is filled with beautiful cinematography, thoughtful interviews with Miyazaki and others, glimpses into Miyazaki’s daily life, and a look into Ghibli’s history and the company’s goings ons on a daily basis. Miyazaki is very candid and natural when interviewed, often speaking while he works and goes ahead with his daily life. The film centres around him, and, for me, one of the most interesting parts of the film was getting to look …

Donating My Hair

Most of my hair is presently sitting in a plastic bag, waiting for me to mail it to Mississauga to be donated. Sometime in the summer I decided to donate my hair, and eventually decided on Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which creates free wigs for women who have under gone chemotherapy treatment. I’ve been growing it since October 2013, although it could have been longer if I wasn’t really bad at growing out my hair. I ended up cutting off 9.5 inches to donate (for Pantene you need at least 8 inches, while other places need 10.) The Before….. And the after! Last night I was nervous, but simply washing and brushing my hair this morning served as a reminder of how much I wanted it cut short. Before cutting my hair, I used a leave in conditioner, seldom straightened my hair and never blew dry it. I also had no traces of hair dye. While I’ll be surprised if I don’t start to feel self conscious about having short hair, it does feel so good to have it …

A Lot Of Things At Once

If anyone were looking for a creatively cruel way to punish me, they would have to look no further than making me view my xanga from ninth grade. Xanga was a blogging platform that my friends and I used to post Fall Out Boy lyrics and, in my case, poor quality pictures that were meant to be artistic. There were also long winded posts about classes, our families and our thoughts on the fourth Harry Potter movie (we loved everyone’s long hair and Cedric Diggory.) I am sure this blog was even worst than it is in my memory, but I still have to respect 2005 Me for the way I shared myself with the Internet so readily and without hesitation. Something 2015 Me lacks.